Tuesday, September 13, 2005
On this day:

10 x 2:00 efforts, Down Grange, 5 Miles Approx

WARMING up is an essential part of any workout. Today I just seem to get slack, and warmed up really poorly. 10 x 2:00 efforts with 2:00 recoveries was the session, Down Grange was the location...

3/4 Mile Warmup in BY NB 834's
10 x 2:00 efforts with 2:00 recoveries in Nike Zoom Marathoner's
3/4 Mile Cooldown in Nike Zoom Marathoner's
5 Miles Total

I went out too hard on the earlier reps and totally died on the later ones, as appears to be de rigeur for me these last few months. I've got to learn to pace these workouts by my own effort guage rather than trying to track other people. I'm obviously going to be outpaced by the MD lads over shorter stuff - and longer stuff too if last Saturday was anything to go by.

My calves are still recovering, but my right shin was pretty much clear. The spike blister from Saturday is still present, but that's obviously nothing major. Off to the sea for me till Friday now- I can chock up some mileage on the sand!

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