Friday, September 09, 2005
On this day:

4 Miles Easy, untimed + BAL promotion match selection, gulp!..

A brief leg loosener around the park with my Old Man in my WO NB 834's. I felt really good today, specifically I didn't feel sore or stiff anywhere and my ROM was pretty useful. Even though I only started doing my lunges again yesterday (3 x 20, each leg) and they seem to be having a loosening effect already.

I also found out this morning that one of our runners for the 5K has dropped out for the BAL promotion match, leaving me to fill the B-string spot. Darryl May was also on reserve but he must be running something else as he'd run considerably quicker than me over 5k, hence warranting selection. Maybe I can clear up that mystery tomorrow. Of course I'm bricking it as I find normal Southern Men's League races stressful enough (and we creaming every fixture in that). Still, I gracefully and readilly stepped aside when I didn't make the 5k cut. Just because one of the faster runners has dropped out, there isn't any greater expectation on my performance. I can only run to the best of my ability, as always. If I get more than 1 point, it's a bonus. Having said that, I hope the promotion spots don't come down to 4 or 5 points. I'm going to look like a right 'jockey of cockerels' if we're on the wrong side of that sort of cut...

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