Scheduled Races

Southern Men's League 5k, Norman Park - 30/07/05 (My Birthday!)
Southern Men's League 5k, Ilford - 20/08/05
De Kust Half Marathon, Oostende, Belgium - 01/10/05
Abingdon Marathon - 16/10/05

Past Races

Tadley 10k, Tadley
10k, Road
1st Reading Roadrunner, 4th Overall. 75 degrees F plus, breezy day and lumpy course. Felt pretty good despite having fallen over and bruising myself massively 2 days prior on training run. Got dehydrated as I didn't take water. Mike Bradfield outsurged me to the line (made break at 9k) & got outsprinted in last 20 yards by A. N. Other. I shouldn't have made the pace for majority of the race. Backed off training for 2 days before race but no major drop in mileage of density of sessions.


Southern Men's League Divison One, Match 4. Palmer Park, Reading

5k, Track
2nd B String. Temperature mild to warm, mild winds. Too fast a start, got jockied then isolated. Felt knackered from stressfull build up (job interview plus stacks of driving). Good performance given how I felt.


Southern Men's League Divison One, Match 3. Down Grange Track, Basingstoke.
5k, Track
4th Overall (1st B String). Nominated B string, Toby Lambert running as A string. Temperature cool, mild winds, drafted well, ran a very savy, tactical race. In total control. Eased off, but no real taper.


Wargrave 10k, Wargrave.
10k, Road
1st Reading Roadrunner, 3rd Berkshire Senior Male, 5th Overall. Right knee sore, first half of the course up hill, breezy day. Legs felt dead from 300m out (!!!), average sort of run really. Backed off training for 2-4 days before race but no taper as such.


Southern Men's League Divison One, Match 2. Down Grange Track, Basingstoke.
5k, Track
4th A String (2nd B String). Nominated B string, ended up counting as A string. Temperature mild to warm, high winds, but drafted well, despite lack of track-craft skills. Taper through injury. P.B.


Berks 5k T&F Final, John Nike Stadium, Bracknell
5k, Track
2nd Berkshire Senior. 17 seconds clear of Wayne of Newbury A.C., 30 seconds adrift of 'Fly-Guy' of Belgrave Harriers. Felt rubbish, nearly threw up before start. Partial taper.


Marlow 5
5 Miles
11th place overall, 2nd male team. 40 seconds down on Hayley Yelling. No taper, still recovering from BUSA's


BUSA 10k
10k (University Championships)
18th place, full taper. P.B.


Bracknell Half Marathon
13.1 Miles (County Championship)
1st place overall, 1st Berkshire. Partial taper.


Benson Bun Run
3rd place overall. Blew at 8k, 10 seconds late for start!


Maidenhead Easter 10
10 Miles (County Championship)
8th place overall, 2nd Berkshire. No taper. P.B.


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